re-posting Cycling for All

This is an important topic in our city and it needs attention. Cycling for everyday use going to work, shopping as a way of life instead of the car. A green approach to life in an age of climate change.



Housing and solutions

Housing crisis in Charlottetown and PEI is real, we need to focus on this problem and stop passing the buck. As Councillor for Ward 1 I am suggesting that both Municipal and Provincial governments work together and fund both social and affordable housing, create an urban plan jointly to build the housing we need. In the area of housing in general developers have done a good job but need to do more to meet the ever growing demand. As a first step I propose that new Zoning and new Bylaws encourage construction and ready for development zones be identified in the City to allow for rapid growth allowing the City and its resident to prosper and have choices in terms of housing.

Access for all!

I strongly believe that we must fully integrated persons with disabilities into every day life in Ward One and in Charlottetown. This is how we create a caring community and one built on inclusivity for all. This is the way I was brought up and this is a reflection of who I am as a person.



Housing crisis in Charlottetown

As I continue to speak with my neighbours in Ward1 Queen Square, the #1 issue at the moment is housing in general and affordable housing in particular. We have less than 1% available rentals and few houses for sale. This is having an impact on the city and our ability to retain people and bring in investments.

As City Councillor I am seeking solutions which will help everyone and propose to do this by a cooperative approach and discussion between the City and the Provincial Government.


Laurent Beaulieu for City Councillor, Ward 1, Charlottetown.

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